Anyone for a Couple Holes of Golf???


On January 26, 2016, Garmin announced the release of the Garmin Approach S20 golfing watch. This watch is truly amazing and a cool gadget for anyone who plays golf. The S20 can also be used to track daily activities and sleep, similar to a FitBit. The S20 can be linked to your cell phone allowing the user to receive text messages, notifications, and phone calls right on their wrists. The suggested retail for this watch is $199.99, which is comparable to other devices in the same tech area. So, what can it do for your golf games? Plenty! This watch comes preloaded with over 40,000 golf course layouts around the world. The S20 can give the user distances to traps and water hazards. There is a new feature called AutoShot that records the location and distance of each shot that a user makes. The data is received into the Garmin Connect app for analysis. This would be a great product to use during practice games before a tournament. The user can see what he or she needs to do on each corresponding hole. The S20 is stylish enough to replace your everyday watch. It comes with a full hinged watchband and a 15 hour battery life. The S20 would make a great gift for any avid golfer.

This article was very informative and makes me want one, even though I don’t golf. There are so many other uses for it. The writer did a beautiful job of describing the S20. I would have liked to see a comment box on the blog, so I could tell the writer how much I enjoyed reading about the S20. There is a box where the reader can subscribe to the blog, which I thought was a neat idea.  The grammar is flawless and the pictures are professional and appropriate. The pictures show the beauty of the watch. This blog does a great job of representing Garmin as a whole. Garmin has great products and this is just another example of that. The Garmin blog site has several different blogs within the main company site (Garmin Blog Site), making it a one stop for all things Garmin. This site is a great example of how a company site should be.



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