Windows Tech Blog for Superbowl Sunday


Microsoft offers a variety of blogs sites but the most concise site is the Windows Blog. This blog covers all things Microsoft. If you want a site to read random current news from Microsoft, then this is the site for you. I chose to read the blog 5 Great Ways to Get SuperBowl Savy This Week.  The purpose of this blog is to suggest different types of apps and technological objects to make viewing the SuperBowl more exciting. You can download 2 different apps to watch the game, use Cortana to predict who will win the game and get fun trivia questions, or join an NFL Madden Tournament on the Microsoft Store. The article was really effective, because now I have some other options for watching the game on Sunday. Since I am a gamer, I am really interested in the NFL tournament. The prize is an XBOX One and a Madden NFL 16 video game for XBOX. I could really use a backup XBOX One in case mine dies. The best part is that only people living in North Carolina, Denver, and NY are eligible to enter the tournament. Less people means more of a chance for me to win.

This was a well written blog, free of grammatical and spelling errors. Each of the 5 ways has pictures and very well documented to make the reader really interested in the apps. This blog does not allow user feedback, but it does have a link on the bottom to contact the company with any questions or concerns. There are also tag words on the bottom of the page so that I can find more information about this topic very easily. That means a lot when you want to find out the information and move on to something else. In conclusion, I think everyone that intends on watching the SuperBowl should read this blog and learn just a few things that will make Sunday more enjoyable.



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