BMW Blog How to Save a Life


Can you image walking away from a crash like this?? Another forum member and the EMS team that was on the scene, said that the BMW i8 car saved a teenagers’ life. This article (BMW i8 Saves Lives) talks about the newly designed carbon structure of the BMW i8. This was just an innocent wreck on a dark and curvy road. No alcohol or drugs were involved, just an unmarked gate across the road and loose gravel. The driver could have been driving a little fast for conditions but there was not a posted speed limit on the road.  The air bags came out as the car slammed into the gate. This in turn blocked the driver’s vision from seeing that the road was curving. The car went straight through the curve and hit an embankment, flipping over. The BMW i8 is equipped with BMW assist which was immediately notified of the air bag deployment. Help was sent within minutes. The passenger of the car got out and was walking around when EMS showed up. The driver only suffered a concussion and two compression fractures. The stress-absorbing feature of the carbon fiber structure was the main factor for the kids walking away from this wreck. Can you image going through such a horrible accident? If I could afford a BMW i8, I would buy one just for the safety of the car.

This blog allows for comments and is a true inspiration for the new innovations that are being created everyday by car manufacturers. The photos in this specific blog are a little graphic, but appropriate for the story. The blog is written in a logical manner and the grammar is perfect. I couldn’t find any mistakes. The writer did a great job of promoting the company’s i8 vehicle. What parent wouldn’t want to get this vehicle for their child, if they could afford it. As a whole, the company blog site is great. The blogs within the site are very diverse and can be viewed by many consumers. There is also a link to social media that allows the user to quickly find the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest page.


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